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Simply Oil Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil 500ml IN STOCK



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Simply Oil has a light and nutty flavour, and a wonderful golden colour. It is made exclusively from rapeseed grown on a family farm in North Cornwall. They ensure the rapeseed is perfectly ripe when it's harvested, and so capture all the goodness that comes from Cornwall's Atlantic air and fertile ground.

Use it cold, in its natural form, to make marinades, dips and dressings. It can also take the heat.  Rapeseed oil works at much higher temperatures than olive oil so it is a definite choice when it comes to baking, frying and roasting.

The oil is extracted from the seed using a simple method, which doesn't use heat or chemicals, called cold pressing. This method retains all the natural goodness of the seed resulting in an extra virgin oil.

The press is on the farm and the pressing process can't be hurried. They take their time, gently coaxing the oil from the seed. The fresh golden oil is filtered and left to settle for at least 7 days before being quality tested (tasted!) and bottled.

The natural goodness of this rapeseed oil includes Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin E. Nutritionally it is also good to know that it has half the saturated fat of olive oil making it a healthier choice when it comes to cooking.

With everything grown and bottled on the farm it keeps the 'food miles' nice and low. Oh, and that the waste from cold pressing the rapeseed is used for animal feed. Every last bit of it.