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This is a classic, no nonsense coffee. It’s a consistent and comforting, full-bodied cup, with prominent notes of dark chocolate and nuts. 

Ground to make the perfect cafetierie coffee.


The following three components make up this blend:

Santa Maria, Colombia.  Santa Maria is a coffee town that located in Huila and very close to Tolima region boarder. The ancient indigenous tribes that settled in this town were the Paeces and Pijaos, which marked the story of this small town with traditional practices. Coffee from this region is special because is grown in an ideal microclimate. This is a region with a relatively cold weather, with mountainous and fertile soils.

São João, Brazil.  Osvaldo Bachião Filho’s family came to Brazil back in the 19th century. The grandfather first started off from Nova Resende region where there were no other producers. The family business keeps growing and now Mr. Osvaldo is now the 3rd generation of coffee producers.

Los Bracamoros, Peru.  Los Bracamoros is a blend of day lots from various smallhold producers in the Huabal district in Cajamarca region. Huabal area has a couple of mountains, which create microclimate conditions and soils that leads directly to the quality and diverse profile.